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16 May


Longboard cross Gallery- LKXA Extreme Barcelona 2015

May 16, 2015 | By |

The organization took well note of last year problems and finally organized a female comp, also the course was 2 times longer and with better builded obstacles.

We had a blast seeing so many riders in ENNUI gear, including big names as Daniel Sam, Nacho from Caribbean shop, Bipo, Cristina Mandarina or Eider Walls.

ENNUI pro rider Axel Serrat was one of the fastest riders during the whole weekend but he had a pretty bad fall during the qualifiers and hurt his wrist. He still made it into the finals but unfortunately he couldn’t get into the podium this year. Get well soon man!

It was certainly one of the most exciting comps to watch, congratulations goes out to all the winners:


1- Guille Salvà

2- Marc Escoda

3-Nacho Muñoz.


1- Melina Altés Salom

2- Cristina Mandarina

3- Vicky Mowbray.

Photography by Kenneth Dedeu

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