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30 Jun


LKXA Extreme Barcelona 2014

June 30, 2014 | By |

On the 28th and 29th of June 2014 took place a new edition of the LKXA EXTREME BARCELONA. It is becoming one of the biggest action sports festivals in Europe and with the addition of the new Boarder Cross comp it was a date the ENNUI team couldn’t miss.

ENNUI pro riders Ruben Rodriguez, Axel Serrat and Stephanie Richier were there along some of the best riders from around the glove, including ENNUI ambassadors and friends such as Nick Lomax, Carlos Bernal and many more.

The festival was filled with many activities and competitions including Dirt BMX and MTB, FMX, scooter, wakeboard, live music etc.

In the first day Stephanie Richer proved she is the most aggressive female inline skater performing crazy tricks like fishbrain down the big rail and 540 kindgrind in the quarter pipe. She couldn’t land all the tricks during the finals of the women inline park contest but still took the 3rd place. Congrats to Jenna Downing and Marion Derrien for the podium.

Short after that the skateboard pro competition started but unfortunately Ruben Rodriguez spread his ankle during the park qualifiers and couldn’t compete in the GAME category neither. Get well soon Ruben! congratulations to the skateboard park winners.

On sunday there was a big crowd waiting for the longboard competition. Axel Serrat was one of the fastest riders of the boarder cross and he made his way through the qualifiers. After starting in the last position in the finals he managed to shorten distances in every obstacle of the course and took the second place and the silver medal after an amazing run. Congratulations goes out to Nacho Muñoz who took the first place on his slalom setup and ENNUI protective gear!

The men inline park contest was one of the biggest shows of the weekend. We had a blast seeing so many riders with ENNUI gear, including Tomek Przybylik, Alex Burston, Julian Coulter and Michel Prado wearing our wristguards! Nick Lomax had a serious ankle injury but he decided to skate anyway and proved he is one of the top park skaters in the world flying higher than anyone else and placing 4rd in the finals! Congratulations to the Winners Nils Janson, Julien Cudot and Stephene Swain.

The LKXA Extreme Barcelona was a really fun and entertaining event, with good installations and organization, great weather and good vibes but it’s a shame there wasn’t a women boarder cross comp, it wasn’t fair all the female riders were not allowed to skate but just watch, including our pro rider Eider Walls… Extreme BCN organization, you better take good note of that for the next edition!

More pictures very soon.

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