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18 Jun


Inline park gallery- LKXA Extreme Barcelona 2015

June 18, 2015 | By |

On Sunday the public was waiting for the Inline comp and it didn’t disappoint.

The girl’s final was a really great show with the ENNUI EMME GIRLS TOUR riders dominating the comp. ENNUI prorider Stephanie Richer took the first place with a very solid run lacing trick after trick including: fishbrain in the rail, bio 540 over the funbox and 540 kind grind in the quarter pipe.

The men’s comp really hyped the crowd, for sure one of the best park comps we remember. Some highlights are the 1260 by Alfano, the huge disaster royale by Joe Atkinson, the double kangaroo flip attempt by Roman and the crazy 540 over the fence into the street by USD pro Nick Lomax.

Congratulations to all the winners.


1Roman abrate

2 Stefan Alfano

3 Joe Atkinson


1 Stephanie Richer

2 Manon derrien

3 Mery Muñoz


Photography by Kenneth Dedeu.

-click the pictures to enlarge-

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